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The Great LJ Babylon 5 Ficathon

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MOD UPDATE [Jun. 6th, 2006|09:26 pm]
The Great LJ Babylon 5 Ficathon


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Since I got an email from a participant which reminded me, a quick note to all those who are participating in the Babficathon 2006:

Good news! You now have an extra three weeks in which to finish your stories!

Basically, this is due to me, one of your friendly neighbourhood mods, having some RL things and being monstrously unwell for the last couple of weeks and continuing to be for probably the next week or so, and thus completely missing the whole 'deadline coming up' issue. Therefore I give you that time over again in which to finish your stories, while I catch up with the modly things I should have been doing in that time.

This means that your stories are now due at the end of Monday June 26th.

Thank you for listening!